While exploring our host city is great, it is also a lot of fun to explore other cities where you may have friends from orientation or even to just check off your bucket list. Often times, people get stuck in this trap of thinking it will be too expensive and do not pay it any thought. However, I have plenty of tips on saving money while traveling that you can use. The main areas you can save money in are flights, accommodation, and excursions.


No matter where you are traveling, there are always good ways to find cheap flights. My tips are to use a website that compares many flights for the time frame you want to visit. It is best to book a few months out in advance as that is when you will find the best deals. However, it is important to also make a calendar for your academic exams and projects so that you do not end up flying when one is due!

Other than finding cheap flights, you can save a few extra bucks by using public transport rather than Ubering everywhere. Additionally, you could rent a bike which depending on how bike-able the city, could save you a lot of money.


One word: hostels. Australia has them everywhere and usually you can end up spending only a quarter of what a hotel costs. If you are traveling with friends, you guys can likely fill up the hostel space and it’s like having your own bunkbed apartment! It’s also a great way to make friends if you plan on traveling alone as most people at hostels tend to be solo travelers.

If hostels are not your thing, you can always go for low end hotels. I recommend using booking.com as it shows all the top rated and cheapest places to stay where you are traveling


The best part of traveling is trying new things! Planning day trips and new things to do does not need to be expensive. There are websites such as getyourguide.com and viator.com that show tours in the areas you are as well as top trips that you may be interested in. However, it is also good to book local if you know of any good spots as it supports the local guides!

However, not everything needs to cost money! You can go to the beach, hike a mountain, swim under a waterfall, and do plenty of other things for free. I recommend Googling something as simple as “fun things to do in…” and a list of things will come up that often do not cost any money.


Traveling a new country can be scary! But, it does not need to be expensive. There are plenty of ways to save money through booking cheap flights ahead of time, finding accommodation that is low cost, and planning excursions and tours that allow you to compare prices before picking.