We are honored that you have selected us to help you process your visa. We will use our many years of experience assisting thousands of Ghanaians with their international travels to ensure a seamless and successful visa application procedure for you. We kindly ask that you take your time reading the material below.

Pricing Table

UAE – Dubai$150Included
Others$200To Be Advised

Please note that Visa fees are to be paid either with your visa/master card or directly paid to the embassy or application center at the time of submission. The Embassy or the application center may change the rate at their own discretion and you have to pay the current fees at the time of submission. Some Schengen State embassies require a booking fee to be paid to VFS (Price varies as per the Schengen state involved and will be advised per embassy being used)


1. Initial Assessment of personal profile
2. Flight Itinerary booking
3. Hotel Reservation (accommodation cost not included)
4. Travel Insurance booking where applicable (Insurance fees not included)
5. Documents Vetting and Validation
6. Visa Application Form filling
7. Online Submission of documents where applicable like UK, Canada, USA
8. Submission or Interview appointment booking where applicable
9. Interview preparation drill, where applicable
10 Tour Itinerary if visa is being applied
11. Support in preparing any required letters like introductory or sponsorship letter


1. Visa fees
2. Application center fees where applicable
3. Travel Insurance fees

These costs have been captured in the above table so you can have a fare idea of the overall cost involved in the process

Visa Requirement

It is important to note that all visa applicants will be asked to provide certain personal documents as required by the particular embassy. These documents vary depending on which visa is being applied for.

Besides the above, the following apply as per your situation

1.     Introductory letter from the Workplace
2.     Pay slips
3.     Salary Bank Statement and any other personal bank statement if available

1.     Business Bank Statement
2.     Personal Bank statement
3.     Business registration documents from registrar-general
4.     Proof of active business
5.     Tax clearance, is not mandatory for all countries
6.     Bill of laden if available (if anything has ever been imported in recent period)

1.     Official Introduction letter from the university or school including proof of paid school fees and school reports/Transcripts
2.     If self-sponsoring, must be able to provide either A or B requirements
3.     If being sponsored, the sponsor must be able to provide sponsorship letter 

1.     Evidence of last employment before retirement
2.     Bank Account Statement for recent 3 months
3.     SSNIT Statement of Account if available
4.     If being sponsored, the sponsor must be able to provide a sponsorship letter 

1.     Sponsorship letter from the spouse
2.     Marriage certificates and birth certificates of children are mandatory

The following requirements apply to all situations:

Valid Passport: The expiring date in your passport must be 6 months or more from the date of travel

Personal Birth Certificate, mandatory for only specific Europe countries like Germany

Marriage certificate, applicable if married

Children birth certificates if you have any, doesn’t matter whether they are travelling or not

Yellow Fever Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the few questions about Travel Planners Ghana

A good travel experience is required for US and Canada visa application in all situations. For the UK and Europe, travel experience is not compulsory but it greatly enhances your chance of acquiring the visa. Generally, travel experience increases your credibility and affect your chance of acquiring the visa. Certain countries like UAE – Dubai, South Africa and the like do not require travel experience at all

Most people start off with a trip to United Arab Emirates – Dubai, South Africa, Singapore, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda to gain some travel experience before applying to UK, Europe, Canada or USA.

No. Our visa consultation fee is non-refundable and the visa fees paid to embassies are also non-refundable. Kindly ensure you meet the criteria before you apply.

We require a minimum of 50% before we start the process and full payment before visa submission is done. Most clients find it useful to pay the consultation in full.

We accept Ghana Cedis at the prevailing dollar rate at the time of payment, and payment can be done via Mobile money or online. Your visa consultant will send you the payment details.

All consultation fees paid us is valid for 1 year. This means, we will be assisting you to put your documents together even if it takes a whole year to do so. Once the application is done, the consultation fee is exhausted and new fees will be charged for another application.